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Examples of custom car art

Free car artwork

I create free car artwork as a hobby when time permits, so please be patient while waiting for me to complete yours.

Artwork for prints or posters

Artwork for shirts

If you like your artwork and want to have it made into a print, poster, or t-shirt that’s great – but it is up to you to do that. I don’t do printing, but I have had good results with these companies: (print or poster printing) (shirt printing).

Please let me know which artwork you would like from these print samples or shirt samples. There is a design code below each artwork. Send the design code for your choice of artwork along with your pictures (or a link to your pictures) to

I need good pictures of your car

I need some good high resolution pictures of your car that I can work with.

Typically if there is a problem with the pictures I receive it is usually:

If it turns out that you need to take some new pictures of your car, here are some tips for taking good pictures that work well in my artwork.

How to send me pictures of your car

A good way of sending your high resolution pictures to me is to put them on a photo sharing site like or Google+. You can send me a link to the pictures and I can usually download them from the photo sharing website. Send the link to is free and doesn't reduce the resolution of your pictures.

Google+ is also free and allows you to upload and share photos without loosing resolution if you do this.

DO NOT send me pictures via Facebook because Facebook reduces the resolution of the image to save space. 

If you don't want to use a photo sharing site then you can always email the pictures as attachments to:

If you send the pictures via email then just send me a couple of the best pictures at first.

I will look at your pictures and let you know if they will work. If they will then the more pictures you send me the better so that I can pick and choose a good shot.

If you want to thank me for the free artwork

I don't take money for my free artwork. It is my gift to you.

I only ask that you consider making a donation to one of these organizations that offer assistance to wounded members of the American armed forces. These men and women have sacrificed a lot for us. Let's give something back to help them. Please visit Hope for the Warriors or the Wounded Warrior Project to learn more about how your donation helps.

You don't have to make a donation to get the artwork.