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Printing your custom artwork

After your custom artwork has been created you can have a local or online printer create the type and size of print or other item that you desire.

Your custom artwork can be used to to create items such as:

If you want to create a poster or print larger than 24 x 30 inches contact me and I will provide you with suitable artwork.

The following information is provided to help you choose a printing company that will do a quality job of printing your artwork.

This document talks about some important things to keep in mind when having your artwork printed. I recommend that you read it.

For a poster or print I recommend that you specify the Metallic color corrected paper option. Metallic paper has a glossy finish that creates images with a chrome on paper look with added depth and vibrant color.

I highly recommend Nations Photo Lab if you want a collage or poster print of any size. They do great work at reasonable prices. If you want to have your print mounted they have several options for mounting the print. I have used Nations Photo Lab and prints on the metallic paper are just outstanding looking. To order from them you must create an account on their website, upload your artwork into your gallery, and place your order for a print using the artwork image in your gallery. Here is a video of the process. Remember to choose the Metallic color corrected paper option. If you have any questions about this I can assist you.

Here are some other online printing companies you might want to check out (they all offer Metallic paper with color correction):